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                         FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS


1. Which filter would suit us 750 Hz or 1050 Hz ?

Answer : All users in QLD would need 1050 Hz filter while for users in NSW it depends on which part of NSW are they living in. Best way would be to confirm it with your energy supplier. 
You can also click on the link below to see frequency map of NSW.

Central Coast and Hunter



2. What is the difference between a ZF180 and ZF10 ?

Answer :  The ZF180 is rated for 180 watts (0.75 Amps). It is best suited for one fan or small lighting loads. The ZF10 is rated for 2400 watts (10 Amps). It is designed for doing complete lighting circuit in your home.


3. How many ZF10 units would I need to do a complete house ?

Answer :  You can put one ZF10 on multiple lighting circuits but the total load of all lighting circuits should not exceed 2400 watts (10 Amps).


.Are three phase filters available for houses with three phase power ?

Answer : Three phase installations in a house are split into single phase power and lighting circuits. The ZF10 and ZF180 units are still compatible in these installations.


5. Are there higher load rated units than ZF10 ?

Answer : Yes we have are currently developing a 16 Amps rated filter. Alternatively two ZF10 filters can be connected in parallel to run a load of 18 Amps.


6. Where can i purchase these filters ?

Answer : You can buy directly from us or you can go to your local  wholesalers.


7. What is your return policy?

Answer : We have a complete refund policy but the filter should be returned in a new condition. Please note customer will be responsible for return freight.


8. What if I have any other questions. ?

Answer : Please contact us on 07-38886566 and our technical team will help you.